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GPX2ITM converter (GPX TO ITM Converter)

It is a web application for converting GPS log of GPX format to ITM format used by ezTour etc.
GPX file -> ITM file conversion

Uploading the GPX format GPS log file will convert it to ITM format and click on the Download link to download it.

(Up to 6 MB)

Please input below when combining multiple files.

(Up to 6 MB each)

Available file types [gpx(recommended),kml]


Format of "ITM" file to be generated:

GPS Photo Tagger format
Holux ezTour/Yupiteru ATLASTOUR/I-O DATA Travel Reco Player format


Speed ​​calculation - When the speed element does not exist, it is calculated from the track point and the date and time.

Outlier processing - In case of abnormal value judgment of speed abnormal value, try to replace it with such value. (Heavy process, please uncheck if you time out.)

Waypoint (Waypoint) - Also converts waypoints when the waypoint information is included in the GPX file.

Convert Waypoint only (Waypoint Only) - Converts only waypoints.

Comment - If there is a comment on the track point of the GPX file, create another waypoint so that you can refer to the comment.

Make a comment the title - Make the comment itself the title of the waypoint. (Convenient because you can check the contents with mouse over?)