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GPX2ITM Converter(GPX TO ITM Converter)

This is a web application to convert GPX format GPS logs to ITM format used in ezTour and other applications.
GPX file -> ITM file conversion

If you upload a GPS log file in GPX format, it will be converted to ITM format and「Download」You can download it by clicking on the link

Up to (6 MB)

Enter the following if you want to combine multiple files.

(Up to 6 MB each)

Available file formats [gpx(recommended),kml]


Format of the "ITM" file to be generated:

GPS Photo Tagger Format
Holux ezTour/Yupiteru ATLASTOUR/I-O DATA Travel Record Player Format


Speed calculation - When speed element is not present, it is calculated from trackpoints and date/time.

Outlier handling - Judges the speed as an outlier, and if it is an outlier, tries to replace it with a more appropriate value. (Heavy processing. If it times out, try unchecking it)

Waypoint - If the GPX file also contains waypoint information, convert the waypoint as well.

Waypoint Only - converts waypoints only.

Comments - If a trackpoint in a GPX file has comments, create a separate waypoint so that the comments can be referenced.

Make the comment the title - Makes the comment itself the title of the waypoint. (Useful to see the content on mouseover?).